Flight 93 Memorial Land in Dispute

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Pittsburgh (AP) A man who owns property at the site where Flight 93 crashed has demanded millions for his portion of land where a memorial is planned, and has installed a donation box to help pay for security.

The actions by Mike Svonavec have angered victims' families, who believe he is overcharging and disagree with the need for a donation box.

Patrick White is Vice President for Families of Flight 93, he says the land has been paid for with 40 lives, and the donation box is an insult to that cost. Jason Dahl of Ken Caryl Ranch, southwest of Denver, was part of the crew on the flight.

Svonavec wants $10 million for his 273-acre property in Somerset County, far more than the per-acre amount paid for nearby land.

Svonavec says he wants fair market value and he would accept no money for the exact site where 40 passengers and crew members died when the hijacked United Airlines flight crashed on September 11th.

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