No Crime in Fatal Jaguar Attack: Open Door Still Unsolved

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Denver (AP) A police report on the fatal attack on a Denver Zoo employee by a jaguar does not say why the animal's gate was left open.

The Rocky Mountain News said police did determine that no crime occurred in the February death of 27-year-old Ashlee Pfaa.

Officials said the 140-pound jaguar named Jorge got into an employee access hallway and then pounced on Pfaa. Police report said the cat survived the gunshot and was then tranquilized with a dart.

Zoo spokeswoman Amy Sarno says that a veterinarian euthanized the cat by cutting an incision in its skin and injecting a solution into a jugular vein. Sarno said the cat's low blood pressure prevented the veterinarian from finding another usable vein. She said the alternative procedure was common and humane.

Sarno said zoo staff “made every attempt to save the jaguar'' but determined it was mortally wounded from the gunfire and decided to euthanize it.