Back hurt from shoveling? Some tips

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Bill Noble pushes the last bit of snow from his driveway. "Did it yesterday, I stopped when it got too much and now I'm finishing up today," says, Noble. To avoid the pain after heavy shoveling noble used his patented technique. "Using my foot to kick the shovel up,” says Noble. But not everybody escaped the winter whiteout pain free.

Dr. Roman of Roman Family Chiropractic says, "We've seen a lot of people come in with some strains." Dr. Roman says its not uncommon to see shoveling injuries after the first big snow. "Lower back, sciatica," say Dr. Roman.

That's exactly where the strain of a morning shovel session hit Jesse Weigel. "I felt most of the tension in the lower back," say Weigel. Weigel tried to use good posture while shoveling out his car Tuesday morning but unfortunately his shovel broke in half. "So I had to bend over a little bit more than I wanted to," says Weigel. Dr. Roman recommends before you start shoveling prepare a little bit. "Go for a little walk, warm up, get the heart warmed up,” says Dr. Roman.

A couple tips before you start shoveling, bend at the knees, don't take a large shovel full and don't throw snow over your shoulder throw it in front of you. "And that type of twisting motion torques the spine its not designed for that type of rotational movements," says Roman.

You also might want to avoid the morning coffee or cigarette before shoveling. Dr. Roman says, "Those are stimulants and that's going to cause circulation to go away from the muscles."

As for Noble, he'll continue the old push and kick. Noble says, "Many years of practice since I've got a bad back that's hurt for 30 years."

If you are sore from moving all that snow Dr. Roman recommends icing those hurt muscles to help reduce swelling.

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