Power Outages on Horizon Drive

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Last night the airport was dark with only a little light to guide the planes and their passengers. Hours later it wasn't much different.

Without power there was no way to check people in for their flights. TSA was affected and had to check all baggage by hand. Airport authority manager, Rex Tibbetts says "It really delayed peoples travel plans."

The outage even had employees at Denny's turning customers away.
Manager Lance Wentzel says, "Not much you can do in a restaurant when everything's shut down and no power."

The power outages didn't affect restaurants but gas stations as well. The Diamond Shamrock was out of power all morning.
Employee Brieanne Ervin says, "Every couple minutes someone comes in and we can do sales for food items we don't have tax on but we can't ring anything in."

The traffic signals on Horizon Drive were out as well. Drivers had to be more cautious, but it didn't always matter, "Unfortunately even with traffic control there have been two accidents so far," says Grand Junction Police.

Xcel Energy says its crews are working quickly to restore power but it does take time and some places are more of a priority than others. "We always try to bring the airport and the businesses on Horizon Drive back. They are all very important to the community and the economic base of the community."

After taking more than six hours to restore power, the lights were back on. Xcel Officials say the cause of the power outage appears to be a malfunctioning feeder.

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