5-Year-Old Crash Victim Should Have Been In Booster Seat

Both victims that died in Wednesday's accident were not wearing seat belts, and authorities are using this as a reminder of how safety can save lives.

The 5–year–old victim in the crash weighed less than 50 pounds and was 39 inches tall, and by law she should have been restrained in a booster seat.

On Monday law enforcement agencies across Colorado wrapped up the Click It Or Ticket Campaign writing a record number of tickets. 11,403 people were ticketed for not wearing seatbelts and 882 people were cited for not having children buckled up.

Unfortunately local officers say many people don't buckle their kids up.

If you can't afford a car seat the Mesa County Health Department can help, just stop by one of their free car seat fitting stations. For a schedule call 683–6602.

Officials want to remind people to always buckle kids up no matter how long or short the car trip may be.