79-year tradition kicks off in Delta

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DELTA, COLO. One of the oldest celebrations in Colorado is getting ready to kick off in Delta and generations of Delta graduates will be returning for the event.

The 79th Annual Deltarado Days is here and the town is even expecting to have a graduating class from 1964.

The tradition started decades ago with a "farmers spree," where farmers got together for one big meal before they got to work. Now the event is complete with a parade, a water fight and a farmer-rancher luncheon.

"The sense of community hasn't been lost necessarily, but I think that it's blurring so I think anything that a community can do to get people to stay in town, to really celebrate family is good," Kami Collins with the Delta Chamber of Commerce said.

At the parade each graduating class will have their own float and they are usually the ones to initiate one of the most popular events, the water fight.
After a little bit of fun the fire department will also get involved with their hoses.

This week there will also be a pancake breakfast, car shows, live music and beer gardens.

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