Fun Park Employees Tried To Save Man's Life

Kenneth Elliot was out for a day of fun with friends and family when sadly and suddenly he lost his life. It's a day employees and owners at Bananas Fun Park will never forget as they sprung into action to try and save a man's life.

The go-kart track at Bananas Fun Park was unusually silent this following the death of a Grand Junction man.

Chris Burns, the owner of Bananas Fun Park, happened to witness the death of 37–year–old Elliot. Burns says Elliot was with a group of friends and family for an adult birthday party when he suffered a heart attack and crashed.

Burns and an employee ran to Elliot's aid. Burns says his employee performed CPR and did the best she could to save Elliot's life, but it was too late, he was already dead.

Burns says everyone at the fun park is stunned about the death and want the family to know their thoughts and prayers are with them.

The go-kart track at Bananas Fun Park was re–opened Friday morning.

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