Meth Distribution Ring Leader Convicted

A Colorado Springs man who was a part of an interstate drug ring which included Grand Junction is found guilty on two charges, drug distribution and a special offender charge because of drug transactions.

In early 2006, operation Zamboni netted more than two dozen people involved in a drug ring that spanned from Arizona to Colorado. Monday's conviction of Thomas O'Hara comes at the end of a two week jury trial in Colorado Springs.

Mesa County Deputy District Attorney Dan Rubenstein was in Colorado Springs for the duration of the trial, and he tells 11 News, that O'Hara was identified through phone taps during a sting operation by the Western Colorado Drug Task Force, and was involved with Stephen Parsons, the ring leader.

Parsons was sentenced in October to two decades behind bars in Mesa County for his role in the meth ring. Evidence indicated that in a four week period, O'Hara had two cash transactions with Parsons totaling more than $75,000. O'Hara was convicted on two charges, distribution and a special offender charge because of the transactions.

O'Hara will be back in a Colorado Springs court in July for sentencing. He faces up to 96 years in prison.