Alcohol Not to Blame For Shocking Behavior

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He ran over a group of teens on his motorcycle, then tried to flee by jumping into the Colorado River. Police waited for lab tests to file charges. Now Henry Bostelman is facing a slew of charges.

When police pulled a naked Henry Bostelman out of the Colorado River they expected that drugs or alcohol would have played a part in his shocking behavior, but police were amazed when lab tests showed Bostelman was stone cold sober.

Linda Bowman, Grand Junction Police Public Information Officer says, "His blood alcohol content level test came back and he wasn't on drugs or alcohol."

On June 2nd Bostelman crashed his motorcycle into a group of teens. One was on a bike and the other on a skateboard. The 16–year–old skate-boarder's leg was broken, but Bostelman didn't stick around.

Bowman says, "He left the scene and ran away from police."

More than two hours later when police spotted him, he jumped into the Colorado River to escape, but that's where his run ended. Bostelman was pulled from the river with no clothes on and taken to jail.

Bowman says, "We pretty much threw the books at him when all was said and done."

Bostelman's recommended charges include the following: a felony offense of vehicular assault, reckless driving, hit and run with serious injury, no proof of insurance, license plate revocation and driving when revoked. Bostelman is also a suspect in a stabbing case. Sheriff's deputies are still investigating that case.

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