Chase Ends After Damage is Done

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A wanted man is behind bars after leading deputies on a chase, which caused about seven thousand dollars in damage.

It all started as a routine attempt to locate, but in the end though it was any thing but.

Starla Burke witnessed the chase as she was driving down the 32 Road overpass in Clifton.

Burke says, "Suddenly I saw a white truck coming at me with its tires shredding everywhere."

Deputies say inside that truck was Daniel Vigil, a suspect in a domestic violence call from earlier in the week. When deputies spotted Vigil in a parking lot on 29 1/2 Road he allegedly backed into a sheriff's vehicle and that's when the chase began.

Norma Mestas, Mesa County Sheriff's Office says, "Instead of stopping to talk with deputies he rammed the vehicle."

Then he took off leading authorities all around Clifton and Fruitvale.

Mestas says, "He attempted to ram several of the deputies vehicles, three in particular."

Yet he kept going, as he entered the 32 Road overpass deputies tried to stop him with stop sticks and it worked. When he got out of the car he tried to run once more, but that's when deputies tazed him three times. The final time he fell over the guard rail and cut up his face.

Vigil was taken to St. Mary's to be treated before being booked into jail. He faces several felony charges including three counts of assault and driving under the influence.

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