Relay for Life Wraps Up this Morning

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The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life wrapped up this morning after about 18 hours. Some stayed for the duration, while others returned this morning to finish the walk.

One family, the Strassers, stayed throughout the night and for a special reason. Their daughter, Sarah, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer four years ago when she was a freshman in high school.

Sarah went through her chemo treatments in Grand Junction and Denver, but says she never let her disease get the best of her. "It was kinda scary. It was hard. It was challenging." "I went to school with no hat on. I wasn't ashamed of having cancer."

The Strasser family has believed in the American Cancer Society's cause even before Sarah's hardship. They have been going for seven years, the past four years as survivors.

Sarah plans on using her experiences with cancer for the future. "I'm gonna become a pediatrician oncologist and help kids with cancer and basically do what my doctor did for me."

When asked what it means to her for those who aren't survivors to be out here showing their support, she is thankful. "Thank you so much. You don't know what it means to all of us. It's just a blessing to all of us."

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