Authorities Kill Bear After Fatal Mauling of Boy

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American fork, Utah (AP) A black bear, believed to be the one that killed an eleven-year-old boy Sunday night, has been killed in Utah.

Wildlife officers shot the bear hours after the boy was snatched from his family's tent and killed in Utah's Wasatch Mountains.

With 26 dogs assisting in the search and following the bear's scent, authorities are confident that the bear they killed is the one involved in last night's attack. They say it is a male black bear, weighing possibly 300 pounds

The bear ripped through the tent in which the boy was sleeping with his brother, stepfather and mother. The stepfather heard a scream, and the boy and his sleeping bag were gone.

A wildlife official says he doesn't know of any other incidents in which a black bear killed a person in Utah.

He says when the weather is hot and dry, as it's been in the area, bears become ''short of food.''

Lieutenant Dennis Harris of the Utah County Sheriff's office says when sheriff's deputies arrived they found the boy's body about 400 yards from the campsite and realized a bear had killed him. He says the boy was found in the direction that a bear sighting had been reported Sunday.

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