New Castle Fire Continues to Threaten Canyon Creek

Yesterday air support was moved from the Whitaker Flats fires to New Castle because it was threatening homes. Now crews of about two hundred firemen and other emergency personnel are working to keep it from spreading to the East where another housing development could be threatened.

This housing development is called Canyon Creek. As of right now ninety homes have been evacuated and the roads are being shut down by the Garfield County Sheriff's Department.

In the morning when the wind is calm, the fire spread is minimal. But as the day progresses and the winds pick up, fires are sparked all over.

The main goal of all emergency crews is to contain this fire from spreading any further and to keep it from reach I-70 and Canyon Creek housing development.

Helicopters with capabilities of carry gallons of water are being used to try to put out all fires. Also, there are slurry planes dropping in every hour.

Just after 2pm today, Tanny McGinnis of the Garfield County Sheriff's Department said, "The winds have hiked up just in the last thirty to forty-five minutes. The fires starting to grow in size. We've just implemented another 60 home evacuations in Canyon Creek Estate area. This took place at 2pm. Deputies are in route to notify with the reverse 911 evacuating those homeowners."

Right now the fire is about a half a mile away from the nearest structures.

The fire is burning such a large amount of land, creating so much smoke, that it can be seen from about forty miles away. Officials say that this fire is an odd case because it is so unpredictable at this time.

We will have the latest information as it is released.

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