Drink.. Drive.. Busted

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Law enforcement is stepping up in full force out at Country Jam to put a stop to underage drinking and drinking and driving.

Campsites are nearly sold out and organizers say it looks like this year is going to be the busiest year yet. So to keep the crowds under control there are more than a hundred officials out at Country Jam and on the roads surrounding the event as they send out two very important messages.

Norma Mestas, Mesa County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer says, "We want people to have a safe and fun time out here. We don't want to call anyone's parents and say their child has been caught drinking or that they are in the hospital."

Trooper Chris Wright with the Colorado State Patrol says "Don't drink and drive. There are plenty of shuttles out here so people should spend the extra dollar and get a taxi just don't get behind the wheel and drive."

Last year the State Patrol made 29 D.U.I arrests during Country Jam and Sheriff Deputies gave 63 summons to underage drinkers.

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