Search for Missing Toddler Leads to Wisconsin House of Horrors

Portage, WI. (AP) - A roving band of suspected identity thieves who allegedly killed one of their own and abused a child traveled to Wisconsin and rented a house simply because they wanted to see snow.

Prosecutors say the group has lived in Colorado, Florida, Maine, Tennessee and Kentucky in the past year. Detectives believe the group was on the run from the law in a number of those states.

One member, 25-year-old Michael Sisk, was wanted in Colorado for
not returning to jail after being let out on work release. Now, Sisk, 23-year-old Candace Clark, 20-year-old Michaela Clerk and 15-year-old Felicia Mae Garlin face charges of being a party to first-degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse, and child abuse.

Authorities found a bloodied, burned and tortured eleven-year-old boy locked in a closet. The boy's mother was found strangled and buried in the back yard. Her daughter, Felicia Mae, is among the suspects, and is the boy's sister.

A medical expert says the repeated burns inflicted on the boy
have mutilated his hands, feet and head. He was found naked and huddled in the closet last Thursday after police went to the home to check on a report of a kidnapped two-year-old.