Arts & Cultural Organizations Pump $27 Million Into Local Economy

Arts and cultural organizations poured more than $25 million into the Grand Valley's economy last year according to a report released Monday.

From Art On The Corner, to the Art and Jazz Festival, to the First Friday Art Hop, many say the Grand Valley is becoming a mecca for arts and culture. One local artist says more and more artists are moving to the area everyday and collectors are coming out to buy what the artists have to offer.

At a luncheon on Monday, the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture released its economic impact. The report says that arts and culture had a $27 million impact on the local economy in 2006. It also says that last year more than a half million people attended or visited arts and cultural events and facilities. It also states that Grand Valley arts and cultural organizations spent more than $10 million last year.

In 2000 the financial impact of arts and cultural organizations on the Grand Valley economy was 6.7 million.

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