Pit Bull Attack Leads to Dogs Death

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A Grand Junction police officer is sent to the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull on Thursday.

Around eight Thursday morning the officer responded to Emerson Park to check on transients that were camping there. When the officer approached a tent two pit bulls charged. One dog bit the officers leg and the second lunged for the officers upper body. The officer fired twice killing one of the dogs.

Officials say this isn't the first time that the dogs have gotten the owner into trouble.

Linda Bowman, Grand Junction Police Department, says “ Last year he got into trouble and the court order says that he must have his dogs muzzled, on a leash and that he must have his dogs spade and neutered, which he didn't.”

Cassandra Klabunde, the owner's friend, says “He had fallen asleep a few times and his dogs got out and went here and there, but they never harmed anyone.”

The owner of the dogs had 13 puppies and two adult pit bulls in the tent. Animal services took the surviving adult dog and the puppies.
The officer was taken to Community Hospital and soon released.

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