Officials: If It Leaves The Ground Or Explodes It's Illegal!

Before you light off your fireworks this year, be sure to catch up on the changes to the fireworks ordinance.

Bone dry conditions are making the fire danger extremely high here in Mesa County. This has the Grand Junction Fire Department as well as law enforcement agencies worried this Fourth of July.

The sheriff's office and the police department say they'll issue citations to those who ignore Mesa County's fire ban.

Officials want to remind people that this Fourth of July holiday it's illegal to light up any and all fireworks. A good rule of thumb is, if it leaves the ground and–or explodes it's illegal.

In the county the maximum penalty for setting off illegal fire works is a $750 fine and six months in jail. In the city the fine is $150-$500 and a mandatory court appearance is required.

The fire department plans to at least two fire engines out patrolling and authorities say no warnings will be given.

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