Erotic Web Page Linked To Missing Woman

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It's been more than a week since anyone has heard from or seen 34–year–old Paige Birgfeld. But as time goes on we're learning more and more about who the suburban mother of three really is.

On Saturday the Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Birgfeld worked as an escort under the alias “Carrie” for the company Models INC.

Officials also say they believe an escort profile at belongs to Birgfeld. On the site “Carrie” advertises escort services, erotic massages and private dancing. She describes herself as having a beautiful body and face, nice hair and teeth.

Just three days before Birgfeld disappeared someone named Dennis posted a review under Carrie’s profile. He gave her a rating of four stars out of five, and wrote that while she was “pricey” she was worth every dime.

Sheriff Stan Hilkey says regardless of what Birgfeld did in her personal life, solving this case is his number one priority.

Anyone with information about Birgfeld's whereabouts is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at 244–3500.

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