Grand Valley Woman Falls For Scam

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Scams are everywhere these days. One Grand Valley woman fell for a scam claiming that she will receive a $3,500 grant for college. The money was never put in her account and the company obtained all of her personal information. Now she is worried about what may happen next.

Officials say scams happen all of the time. To protect yourself from getting caught up in a phone scam officials recommend that you never give out your personal information over the phone or on-line.

Tell the person on the other end that you will call them back, then get the phone number to the institution that they claim to be from. Don't ask them for the number because they may give you a fake number. Look the number up yourself and call them back. This alone can prevent the majority of phone scams.

For more information on scams or to report a company, call the Better Business Bureau here in Grand Junction at 242-2512 or visit

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