Man Demands Apology From County Commissioner

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On the eve of his legal battle, a local man is demanding a public apology from a county commissioner and asking the community for money.

Farmer Jim Sterling has been charged with three Mesa County code violations regarding a firewood business he operates east of Palisade.

As Sterling gears up for his trial he's insisting County Commissioner Janet Rowland apologize for comments she made in a Free Press article.

Sterling says it's bad enough that she denied him a conditional use permit to operate his business; but she also insulted him when she referred to him as a "hobby farmer".

Rowland says he is a hobby farmer, and bottom line is his business violates the law.

Sterling's trial begins Thursday morning. He says fighting his battle will end up costing him anywhere from $35,000 to $65,000 and to help him pay for it he's trying to get donations from the public. Sterling says left over money will be used to run against Janet Rowland when her term is up.

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