City Officials: Detour Signs Are A Sign Of Progress

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The Riverside Parkway Project is six months ahead schedule. But as construction continues motorists can expect more delays and detours.

Slow moving traffic and detours can be frustrating, but officials say it's also a sign that progress is being made on the Riverside Parkway.

On Tuesday and Wednesday girders were installed on the 25 Road Bridge and now it's time to do the same on the 5th Street Interchange.

The fifth street bridge will be closed Monday and Tuesday from 7:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. Northbound traffic will be detoured to Struthers Avenue to 9th Street, then north on 9th Street to Ute or Pitkin Avenues.
The Southbound detour will be longer as traffic will be diverted east on Pitkin Avenue to 9th Street to D Road, east to 29 Road, then south to US Highway 50.

On Wednesday, July 18, access to Struthers Avenue from Highway 50 will be closed permanently as part of the Riverside Parkway Project. Access to the Botanic Gardens will be from 9th Street during construction.

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