A Father Thanks Community For Support

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The parking lot of Grand Junction High School was busy, as dozens came by to sign up to help in the search for Paige Birgfeld. Paige's family was on hand to thank each and every volunteer for their time.

Some of the volunteers were friends and family, but the majority were complete strangers. One Grand Valley mother, Tina Turner, knows just what the Birgfeld family is going through. Her 27 year old son went missing 10 years ago and the case has never been resolved.

Volunteer Tina Turner says, " I know what it's like to search for your child. It's terrible not to know where your child is."

Paige's family, though, is holding out hope that they will see Paige again.

Frank Birgfeld, Paige's dad, says "We keep thinking that Paige will walk through the front door."

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