Birgfeld Search Expands With Success

Paige Birgfeld, the Grand Junction mother of three, has been missing for two weeks now but there is headway being made in the case as the search for the 34-year-old has expanded to an entirely different area.

The initial search for Birgfeld focused on a five mile radius surrounding her home in Grand Junction but authorities say there was evidence found at the onset of the investigation, which has led searchers to Whitewater and Highway 50 and to results as well.

During the two-week investigation and especially this past weekend, several items of interest were found including a shoe, a checkbook, a Blockbuster Video and insurance cards have all been found along both sides of Highway 50.

The roughly 15 investigators on the case are still determining the meaning of the placement of the evidence, taking into account weather factors such as wind.

But despite the evidence collected, authorities say there's much more going on than has been released to the public.

There was evidence collected when Birgfeld's vehicle was discovered shortly after her disappearance, however, law enforcement will not confirm if there is a connection that led investigators to the Whitewater area.