Growing Grand Junction: DMV Swamped With Paperwork & Understaffed

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From license plates to titles, to registrations and marriage licenses, Mesa Mall staff is hard at work keeping up with the demand.

In three months Mesa County Department of Motor Vehicles did 3,600 more transactions compared to the same three months last year. Transactions aren't the only thing up, according to Assistant Chief Deputy Jackie Campbell, this year's revenue is projected at 74 percent, 20 percent higher then what they expected.

But while business is good, officials say it's a daily struggle to stay on top of things. It's even forced the temporary closure of the Orchard Mesa branch office. Campbell says one reason they closed the branch is to catch up on paperwork, the other is to train five new hires.

The DMV hasn't created a new position in nearly four years. Desperate for more staff, officials plan to go before the board of Mesa County Commissioners in hopes of getting the budget boost they need.

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