Detoured Motorists May Hold the Key In the Case Of Missing Woman

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On the day 34–year–old Paige Birgfeld went missing, a car accident in Grand Junction detoured traffic. If you were one of the people detoured, you may have information the sheriff's office needs.

On June 28th at around 8:30PM, an accident closed the intersection of 23 and G Roads for two hours. Just a couple of days later and a couple of blocks up the road, Birgfeld's car was found abandoned.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office wants to speak with anyone who has information on the accident, especially those who were detoured.

A source close to the Birgfeld disappearance case says Birgfeld or someone who knows where she is may have been in the area at the time of the crash.

If you were traveling on 23 or G Roads on June 28th you're asked to please call Investigator Peter Burg at 244–3263.

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