Honey Bees Create A Buzz In GJ Neighborhood

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While millions of honey bees continue to disappear around the nation, thousands have come to call a Grand Junction neighborhood home. But these bees are about to be evicted.

For the past seven weeks Northwood Apartment Manager Mary Lord, and resident Marti Brandt have been staring at their new neighbors. A multi-layered heart shaped bee hive is hanging off an apartment building.

The two women love watching the honey bees build their hive, but other residents are beginning to buzz with a different tone. Mary says some tenants are concerned about the bees and so she must regretfully have it removed.

Mary and Marti want to spare the bees, but they need some help. Mary says she has called many bee keepers, the Department Of Agriculture, and even the Fire Department but no one will rescue the bees. The problem is Mary needs an experienced bee keeper with a very tall ladder to get the job done.

Mary hopes someone will answer her call for help, but in the meantime pest control is scheduled to knock down the hive and poison the bees on Friday.

Jerry's Pest Control has offered to lend Marti and Mary a ladder, now all they need is a willing bee keeper.

If you think you can help e-mail Natalie Pallone at nataliep@nbc11news.com.