Why Did The Crane Really Collapse?

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OSHA makes a ruling after several months of investigating the crane that collapsed at a downtown construction site. Now the construction company is disputing the findings.

OSHA's investigation results are complete and they show that the PSI crane operator is at fault.

Herb Gibson, OSHA representative says, "OSHA did issue a citation against the contractor that was operating the crane."

In citation papers that we got from OSHA it says, " the crane operator was not instructed in the proper use of the boom as described in the manual for the crane."

So while OSHA's investigation points towards operator malfunction, PSI Crane Company isn't convinced that that's really what made the crane collapse. When we called, they had no comment.

Once OSHA gave PSI the citation, PSI contested. Meaning they didn't agree with the findings and now it's going to litigation. PSI will dispute this citation and a 35 hundred dollar fine with OSHA.

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