Missing Woman Search Expands To River

Search teams with the Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation continue to comb the lands in and around Grand Junction for signs of Paige Birgfeld, who's been missing since late June, but Monday's search by family members involved a raft.

Birgfeld's immediate family along with the Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation are hitting the waters of the Colorado River from Grand Junction to Loma.

"We realize there's a lot of water in area and we feel like it's a good place to look," Paige's sister-in-law Cally Birgfeld said.

And in correlation with land searches, it's narrowing the possible places Birgfeld may be as well as easing the mind of the family.

"If there's an area that bothers them, we want to eliminate it," Connie Flukey of the Abby and Jennifer Foundation said.

The trip along the Colorado River is more than just a search, it's also a way to help family members who have been facing weeks of strain.

"It's also an enjoyable thing and a little bit relaxing, they can get away from the search for a while," Flukey said.

But Monday's search efforts have also been a way for Paige's 8-year-old daughter to get involved.

"She said it's my mom and I should be able to search too," Cally Birgfeld said.

However, the contribution came in the form of painting search poles in her mother's favorite colors, making the search and involvement with the Abby and Jennifer Foundation a generational effort for the family.

The poles will also serve as the family's legacy long after this search is over, according to the foundation, as well as Birgfeld's daughter.

"She said this will give another family hope, you guys will bring my mommy home, this will give another family hope," Flukey said.

Ground efforts are still underway and if you're interested in volunteering your time, searches start at Canyon View Park in Grand Junction after 7 a.m.