Special Report: Beware Of Dog

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Government officials are working hard to make sure dangerous animals are kept off the streets and to hold pet owners responsible. But when it comes housing dangerous dogs it can not only cost taxpayers a lot of money, but in some cases adoptable animals are paying the ultimate price.

The calls never stop at Mesa County Animal Services and the court cases against dangerous dogs just keep piling up.

Having to hold so many dogs for court leaves less room to shelter
adoptable animals and some have to be put down.

It costs ten dollars a day to house a dangerous dog at the shelter. In most cases the pet owner pays a bond of $300 every 30 days to cover the cost. But in a recent case the bond was waived all together because the owner is incarcerated. The shelter has been holding the man's dogs for a year now and says it has cost tax payers $7,300.

Last year 205 mandatory court citations were written.

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