Growing Grand Junction: Plans For New Police Station In The Works

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It's cramped quarters at the Grand Junction Police Department and Chief of Police Bill Gardner is finding it harder and harder to accommodate his staff under such tight working conditions. Gardner says there's no private space anywhere for investigators to interview suspects or victims.

In hopes of providing some relief the city of Grand Junction provided the department with three double-wides. Gardner says that while they are grateful for the temporary space, the trailers are a sign that it's time to start planning for a new building.

The city has authorized Gardner to put out a request for proposal to architects around the region. Four different companies have shown interest. Gardner says each of the firms has visited with him for an hour and then two hours with staff to assess the department's needs. All firms are unanimous and say that with new technology, a growing staff and community, a brand new building is what's needed.

Gardner says he's looking forward to the next couple of months when he'll present city council with a recommendation to hire an architect for a preliminary site study. Gardner says he plans to present a design the entire community can be proud of.

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