Report: School Districts are Emphasizing Reading and Math and Cutting Back on Other Subjects

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A new report is likely to add to the debate over how the No Child Left Behind law is affecting the classroom.

A study finds that US students are spending more time on math and reading and less on other subjects, an apparent consequence of No Child Left Behind.

The nonpartisan Center on Education policy says roughly 2/3 of elementary schools surveyed reported increasing math and reading time since the law was passed in 2001.

The law requires annual testing in reading and math in 3rd through 8th grade and once in high school. Schools face sanctions if they miss testing benchmarks.

Nearly half of the districts said they have cut time in elementary schools for non-tested subjects such as social studies, science, art, music and gym. The cuts across these various subjects totaled about 30 minutes a day, according to the report.

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