Black Bear Caught & Tranquilized In Sherwood Park

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Hot and dry weather has black bears wandering into Grand Junction looking for food.

Early Wednesday morning a bear was found strolling Sherwood Park. Wildlife officers tranquilized the bear and relocated it near the Utah border.

Also on Wednesday, a bear was spotted hanging out in a tree in Loma. Because the bear was not a threat to residents in the area it was left alone. In all wildlife officers responded to seven reports of bears in town on Wednesday.

Officials say they haven't been this busy since 2004, but if hot and dry conditions persist they fear it'll be a very busy bear season. Randy Hampton with the Division of Wildlife said, "We're hopeful it's not as bad as 2004, but were prepared for a situation where we may have bears in town on a regular basis."

Black bears aren't typically aggressive, but if you see one don't approach or feed it and call the Division of Wildlife.

Officials say to keep bears away from the city make sure your trash is secure, pet food isn't sitting outside, and you bring bird feeders in overnight.