Birgfeld Search Moves To Delta

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The search for a missing mother of three is switching gears and moving to an entirely new location.

On Wednesday officials with the Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation announced they're moving the search for Paige Birgfeld to Delta County.

Volunteers on horseback and ATV's are needed to comb the remote terrain near Hotchkiss and Delta.

Searchers in Grand Junction along Highway 50 have found some of Birgfeld's personal belongings like checks and insurance cards and say other items found have led them to move the search to Delta County.

Volunteers are asked to pre–register in Delta on Friday, the search will begin on Saturday. The staging area will be announced first thing Thursday morning.

Donations of water and food are desperately needed for searchers. If you can help call Connie Flukey at 260–1821.

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