Nasty Respiratory Viruses Going Around

MESA COUNTY, COLO. (KKCO)_ Coughing, runny nose, sinus pressure. A nasty virus is going around. But while it's annoyance for adults, it can be dangerous for children.

"Last week he had a cough and it was a pretty congestive cough and he had a stuffy nose," says Brandie Arellano of her son Benjamin who is now finally feeling better. But as a preschool teacher at New Emerson, Arellano has noticed noticed many kids with same symptoms.

"I think it just kinda hit everybody, everybody had stuffy noses and coughs," says Arellano.

And Arellano even had it herself, "You cough and have a stuffy nose and runny nose."

Dr. Patrice Whistler says with so many viruses it's hard to say what exactly is going around but symptoms are alike. "Well, for both adults and kids, thick sticky mucus out of your nose, sometimes a cough where you feel like you're coughing something up and you just cough and cough and cough," says Dr. Whistler. But while the virus can act like a cold for an adult, it can turn into dangerous croup for kids, or worse.

The Primary Care Partners doctor says there are hundreds of viruses out there. "One virus we know for sure we have is called Respiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV," says Whistler. RSV can be very dangerous for children.

Dr. Whistler says pay attention to your children's symptoms, "Noisy breathing that you can hear, or if they're just really getting tired with
their breathing we'd like to see them and see what we can do."

Dr. Whistler says the virus effects each child differently, "some babies can cough and wheeze for two weeks or six weeks and do just fine and others end up on oxygen."

A virus can last between two to three weeks and don't respond to antibiotics. Dr. Whistler recommends treating the symptoms and staying hydrated and fed.

And Arellano says a little love never hurts either.

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