Searching For Paige in Delta

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The search for Paige Birgfeld has covered hundreds of miles over the past three weeks. Still, organizers and volunteers aren't slowing down.

The search has spanned all around Grand Junction and surrounding areas. This weekend the search moved to Delta. For the first time during this search effort volunteers will be using ATVs and horses to cover more ground.

The turnout in Delta was much better than expected. In the first hour alone 28 people signed up. With the use of horseback and ATVs searching the rugged terrain is a lot more efficient. Another great tool is knowledge of the area. These volunteers, who have come from all around the Western Slope, say they are here to give it their all. Organizers say if they need to, they'll remain in the Delta area for about 7 days, but they hope to find Paige before then.

After the search in Delta, the search will then downsize into smaller groups in a variety of areas.

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