Searching Until Birgfeld is Found

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Saturday marks one month since Paige Birgfeld was last seen in Grand Junction and it also marks the 15th day of searching by the Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation.

On Saturday, searchers in Delta looked high and low. Organizers say they are confident that Birgfeld will be found. The Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation has had several successful searches in their five years of existence. The Birgfeld search is there seventh search and they have recovered all but two missing persons. Yet, those two are still not forgotten.

Connie Flukey, Abby and Jennifer Recovery Foundation, says "A lot of people in the community who have searched, continue to years later."

Abby Blagg, the little girl who the foundation is named for, went missing five years ago and people are still searching. That's the foundation's promise, to never give up until the missing are no longer.
The longest that this foundation has searched and then successfully recovered the person is 13 days. This search is now on its 15th day, but organizers and volunteers won't give up.

Flukey says, "The odds are still great, as long as you have feet and eyes to search, you can recover someone."

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