Police Threatened By Man With Knives

Safety was on the line Friday morning when a man with a knife allegedly threatened three officers.

Montrose police officers responded to an early morning call in the 900 block of South First Street, involving reports that a man with a knife was threatening himself. They made contact with 52 year old Windle Johnson of Montrose.

Officials say Johnson was making some threats to himself and began making them to the officers on the scene, saying that he would kill any police officer that he saw. Authorities say Johnson advanced on the officers with a knife in each hand causing the officers to deploy tasers. The first taser shot missed, so a second officer fired, hitting Johnson and subduing him. No injuries were reported.

Johnson was arrested on suspicion of first degree assault on a peace officer. Formal charges have not been filed. According to jail records, he was booked on an initial bond of $60,000.

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