"Shoe-Bomber" Hopes God Will Free Him

Air Terror Plot
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London (AP) -- "Shoe-bomber" Richard Reid has reportedly written letters from prison saying he has no regrets and trusts that God will set him free.

The Daily Mirror of London reports the man imprisoned in Colorado for trying to blow up a U.S. passenger jet with explosives hidden in his shoes writes that he's had “good dreams” about his situation improving.

Reid is serving a life sentence at a maximum-security federal prison in Florence after a 2001 attempt to blow up a Paris-to-Miami flight.

He was subdued by passengers and crew as he attempted to ignite his sneakers. After Reid's arrest, Homeland Security required all passengers to have their shoes checked for explosives.

He also writes that his aunt could not have reached heaven if she died while believing in Christianity.

The Mirror did not disclose how it obtained the letters.

Reid addresses his father in some passages.

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