Grand Valley Man Outsmarts A Scammer

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A Grand Valley business owner was one transaction away from getting scammed for thousands.

Martin Duart, owner of Premier Signs and Neon, got an unusual request from a customer which waved several red flags. First, the man had broken English, he asked for the merchandise to be shipped to Africa and the customer asked Duart to wire two thousand dollars via Western Union to his private shipping company to cover the costs. Duart says that's very unusual and he luckily didn't do it.

Holly Zechin, Better Business Bureau says, "There are better ways to send a payment. With Western Union, once you send your money, its gone. At that point its the seller or buyer's liability not Western Union's. So if you use a credit card or pay-pal, you can be more protected."

Authorities say scammers often try to use Western Union to get money fast. To protect yourself you should pay or accept payment by credit card, C.O.D, money order or cash.

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