Growing Grand Junction: Students Struggle To Find Affordable Housing

Mesa State students are gearing up for another academic year and many already have homework finding a place to live.

The rental vacancy rate in Mesa County is at two percent and this has students struggling to find a place to live. But even if they do find a place to rent,many can't afford it because a strong economy has forced housing costs up.

Mesa State College expects nearly 6,000 students this fall. But even with the addition of a new residence hall, there's only room for 1,162 students to live on campus. The dorms are full and there's a waiting list of 28. To make sure no student is turned away officials are asking sophomores to move out of the dorms and asking Residence Assistants to bunk together.

If dorms continue to fill up the way the are Mesa State officials say they may have to look at building a new residence hall in the near future.

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