DOW: Two Black Bears Killed Overnight

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Wildlife officials predicted it would be a busy bear season and they were right. So far two Black Bears have been put down.

Officers with the Division of Wildlife say they had no other choice then to kill two bears Wednesday night.

One bear was put down in Glade Park after it was found going through trash and trying to approach people.

The second bear was killed in the middle of the night just north of Parachute. Officials say the bear killed several pigs a couple of days ago and then returned and killed more.

The DOW tags and relocates problem bears, and puts them down
if they return to an area and continue to disturb it.

At around 8:00 p.m. Wednesday night a bear was spotted on South Broadway.

Wildlife officers were kept busy Thursday with more than 15 bear calls and say at least three more problem bears may have to be put down.

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