Bridges in Mesa County: Are They Safe?

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Mesa County has 220 bridges. These bridges are rated two years on a scale from 1 to 100 (1 is the worst, 100 is a new structure). The majority of Mesa County bridges rate between 60 or 70, or higher.

Just this spring, a bridge in DeBeque was rated in the middle 20's. This bridge is the main way into DeBeque and now has weight restrictions.

The restrictions allow only ten tons or less to travel over the bridge, in a single lane, one way at a time. Officials say anything over ten tons could cause the pieces of the bridge having problems to fail, causing the bridge to collapse into the river.

The bridge is checked daily for any significant damage or changes.

Next week bidding will begin for a contractor to replace the bridge. Officials are hoping to get this bridge rebuilt as soon as possible.

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