6 Miners Trapped in Utah Mine Collapse

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Huntington, Utah (AP) Authorities say there has been no contact with six miners trapped by a cave-in at a coal mine just five miles from the epicenter of a minor earthquake overnight in Utah.

Six miners are believed trapped in the Genwal Mine near Huntington.

Rescuers are making their way toward the miners and are believed to be within 2,500 feet of them The miners are believed to be 1,500 feet below ground and about 4 miles from the mine entrance.

Dirk Fillpot, a spokesman at the Mine Safety and Health Administration in Washington, D.C., says rescuers were within 2,500 feet of the miners. But he had no other information about their conditions or the difficulty of the search.

The University of Utah's seismograph stations reported a 4.0 magnitude earthquake just before 3 a.m. this morning.

Walter Arabasz is the director of the university's seismograph stations. He says wave lengths suggest the mine collapse could have triggered the seismic event.

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