Powderhorn's last day one big crazy party

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MESA, Colo. (KKCO) - More than 1,000 people hit the slopes Sunday for one last run at Powderhorn and the mountain shut down for the season with a big bang.

Sunday was all about fun. "It's the best day ever. It's really exciting because we don't have until next year to come back up here," says Jena Francil, a skier celebrating the last day of the season.

It was also about getting in the last run of the season. "I think I'm just going to plant it into my head that I'm going to throw down today," says Justice Vallejos as he got ready to hit the mountain one last time.

Skiers and boarders couldn't have asked for a better day to say goodbye to the season. Rachel Leonard, a weekly Powderhorn visitor says she was "just enjoying the weather and the last day of the season."

The large crowds added a festive atmosphere to closing day. "You know, it's the culmination of a great year for us. It's been a blast. We've had consistently good snow all season. And today isn't any different," says Sarah Allen, spokesperson for Powderhorn.

This season, Powderhorn had about 270 inches of powder. That's 100 inches more than last year.

"Yes, a lot of powder. Snow's been perfect," says Parker Whiseint, who was takin full advantage of the last day.

And because of all that snow, Powderhorn officials say they had more people visit the mountain this year than last year. "We're going to end up 10% more than last year. So it's great! We obviously want to send a huge thank you out to the Grand Valley for visiting us," says Allen.

Some participants felt there was no better way to celebrate the success of the season and end of the season than to wear a crazy costume.

"We try to keep the shorts thing going. We do it every year," says Destiny Mullen, who's hitting the slopes with her girlfriends one last time. In shorts.

"It's a sad day, but we're going to have a big party and it will be fun," says Allen.

Powderhorn staff say they're going to take a few weeks off to rest and then get back to work planning next year's ski season. Staff says you can count on the Dummy Jump and the Pond Skim, new events this year, to make a comeback.

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