Safe Haven Law Not To Change Despite Misunderstanding

Colorado's Safe Haven Law has potentially saved the lives of more than a dozen babies since enacted in 2000, but a Colorado Springs woman could be facing charges for misunderstanding the law.

The baby was left at a police station where it was found by a police officer to be in good condition.

However, the Safe Haven Law says within 72 hours after birth, the child can be left at a hospital or fire station, but not a police station.

While police are a part of the first responder and emergency family, law makers say police stations are not included in the law because with budget cuts etc., there's not always someone at a police or sheriff's department to care for the child.

Grand Junction Representatives Steve King and Bernie Beuscher did help spearhead legislation this past session to promote education of the safe haven law at high schools and colleges in Colorado, with King say that education is the key to understanding.