Six Miners Still Stuck in Collapsed Mine

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A desperate rescue operation is underway in Utah. Six miners remain trapped after a collapse.

Rescuers are working in shifts and hold off fatigue as they try to get to the six men who were caught in a mine collapse in central Utah.

The rescue effort continued through the night. The six miners have been missing since the mine caved in early Monday. Crews have no way of knowing if the men survived the accident.

The Emery County Sheriff says he expects the company to begin bulldozing a road needed to bring in a drilling rig to try to get through the mountain. Dozens of trucks and cars headed toward the site just before the sun came up this morning.

The sheriff says the mine collapse affects just about everybody in the community because so many residents are tied to coal mining or energy production.

The collapse was reported about 4 a-m Monday and relatives of the miners spent the rest of the day waiting at a senior center for news.