Police Nab Man From "Most Wanted List"

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A man from Mesa County's 10 most wanted was arrested Monday night and police are saying the arrest has made the community much safer.

23 year old Garrett Lee Kulp is now behind bars after more than a month on the run. Police say he has an extensive criminal history and that he was one of the worst offenders on the Most Wanted List.

Kulp was wanted for attempted murder. On June 21st he allegedly shot at someone, but more than a month later his history caught up with him.

As each criminal on the Most Wanted List is arrested, the community becomes a little safer. The police department has a good track record for arresting these criminals. They typically make two to three arrests from the list every month. Yet that couldn't be done without help from the community.

You can help by checking out the 10 Most Wanted List on the City's website at gjcity.org. You're asked to call 242–6707 if you recognize anyone on the list.

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