Divers Searching Gunnison River for Paige Birgfeld

The Mesa County Sheriff's department has brought in a dive team from Denver in the search for Paige Birgfeld.

Divers are searching an area of the Gunnison River south of Whitewater. Investigators are also searching a commercial septic facility off Highway 50 near Bridgeport road. The search is near an area along Highway 50 where in July, volunteers with the Jennifer and Abby Recovery Foundations found several of Paige's belongings.

Special underwater sonar and camera equipment was supposed to be utilized in the search, however, shallow and murky waters have prevented the technology from being used.

The water search is a slow process, where divers cover five-foot increments and are acting as human dragnets, using their arms and feet to cover the murky bottom.

Divers will be back on the water Thursday morning and the Denver team will assist through Friday.

The 34-year-old mother of three was last seen June 28th and reported missing two days later.

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