Husband mourns his wife killed on camping trip

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KKCO) - A distraught husband speaks out about losing his young wife unexpectedly while on a camping trip.

It was supposed to be a fun camping trip for four friends, but it turned into the unimaginable. A young 23 year-old Clifton woman wandered away from the campsite at dusk and never returned. The next morning she was found by rescue crews at the bottom of a cliff, dead.

James Foster, her husband of nearly two years is now left devastated.

"She was so fun loving and caring. She just made everyone smile. She was so infectious with it. Everybody just loved to be around her," says Foster.

James says he and his friends thought his wife Dannah was just taking a stroll and was somewhere nearby the camp site.

"We were all drinking and I thought maybe she just wanted to get away," says Foster.

But dusk turned to dark and she still hadn't returned. James says he paced between his tent and the campsite wondering where his best friend had gone.

"I don't know how long it was. I kept getting up in the middle of the night looking for a campfire or something maybe she had started," says Foster.

But it wasn't until the morning that James and his friends really started to worry and look for Dannah.

"We woke up that morning and figured maybe she had just slept out there and she'd come back. Then us three just kept walking around trying to find her and we couldn't, so I called the search and rescue. We thought we could find her," says Foster.

James says Mesa County Search and Rescue found her body at the bottom of a cliff and the Mesa County Coroner says the 23 year-old died from multiple injuries.

While the Sheriff's office hasn't ruled out foul play, James has. He says Dannah was having some problems: panic attacks, had lost her job at Unifirst Mortgage and she was taking anti-depressants.

"She was on medication and it just made her not her," says Foster.

James says he hasn't slept for days and is left wondering, could he have done something to change the ending to this story.

"I was so afraid she was going to walk off the cliff, and I couldn't find her," says Foster.

For now. he's trying to focus on the caring, loving and wonderful person his wife was.

"She always made me laugh. She was just so caring," says Foster.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office says it's still investigating Dannah's death and won't release any more information at this time.

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